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Lowgular Documentation

Generate Better Angular Apps Faster


Better Angular Apps

We make sure that generated code is of the highest quality. We focus a lot on design and architectural patterns. We also put a lot of effort to make sure that your app is always working, no matter the configuration.

Faster Development

Coding apps in Angular can be challenging, there are so many things to learn in order to get started. Not anymore! We give you easy to use right click interface so you can focus on your app features and we make sure to generate the right code for you.


Extend or customize your workspace with defined coding standards and design system, you can make it simple or very advanced. There are no limits to your creativity, so use it to configure Lowgular the way you like!

Schematics CLISchematics ExtensionLowgular
Automatic Module Generation
Library Creation
Define Where To Generate The Code
NX Support
Customisable Code Generation
Folder Structure Sync
Automatic Module Management
Design System Support
Connecting Component & Modules
Inteligent Suggestions
Architecture as a code
Support For Injection Token
Advanced Routing
RxJS Support